New Text on Three-Sided Football

A new publication has just come out featuring an article on Three-Sided Football from everyone’s favourite SE London club, Strategic Optimism Football. Nice at half the price, you get a bonus piece from Class War Games protagonist and author on Guy Debord’s Game of War, Richard Barbrook, talking about Debord’s intriguing board game. Details below:

The British Government’s emergency response committee COBRA convened in Whitehall three times, over three separate events, within three weeks in July and August 2014.

18th July 2014 in response to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine. (Chaired by Prime Minister David Cameron)

30th July 2014 in response to the continued outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. (Chaired by newly appointed Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond)

8TH August 2014 in response to IS forcing thousands to flee their homes and take refuge on Mount Sinjar, Iraq. (Chaired by newly appointed Defence Secretary Michel Fallon)

Examining the inter-play of emergency politics, COBRA RES has issued a set of emergency card games and an accompanying book of theoretical texts. The games invite the reader to become player by moving towards an active ‘participation’ within the grand narrative of each separate emergency episode.

Cards by: COBRA RES and H+Corp

Texts by: Richard Barbrook, Roland Bleiker, David Campbell, Derek Gregory, Nicolas Hausdorf, Emma Hutchinson,Theodore Price and Strategic Optimism Football Club.


If you can’t stretch to the price of a copy, SOF’s text is reproduced here: Triolectical Materialism and the Beautiful Game of Three-Sided Football.


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