Moving the Goalposts: Three-Way Goalpost Drift Action

Meadows Hextriolectical goalpost2

The following short text was first published on a flyer, put out by SOF, advertising an event they had co-ordinated in conjunction with the 2nd Antiuniversity Now festival, Spring 2016, and on the website of which the text also appears.

We are approaching a new model (situation) of class society where – proletarianised along the trimensions of space, time and class – strikers (i.e. destructive workers) are deprived of their power. This is exactly where three-sided football has much to teach.

Recent experiments in complexity vandalism saw moving goalposts (attached to bicyclic “fluxvehicles”) attempt to literally “stretch” the Greenwich Meridian. The aim was to trigger a quantum superpositional timeloop, catalysing a hypothesised collapse in imperialist spacetime.

As the moving goalpost modification demonstrates, even as strikers (destructive workers) are disempowered by global capital’s increasing ability to transcend the hemispheres, there occurs a simultaneous empowerment of both reproductive workers (goalkeepers) and psychic workers (three-sided football players and self-organisers generally). When their autonomy is realised, the goalkeepers (reproductive workers) can take entangled, self-organizational action, whilst the psychic workers, the ones who build up the situation, can facilitate such actions to take place. The moving goalposts (dead workers) thus offer timely (and spacey and classy) advice for further dérive (psychic workers union) transfigurations.

As three-sided football rewards the team who concedes the least, its natural rallying cry is “all power to the reproductive workers!” The contemporary game has begun to insufficiently reflect this however. By triolectically seizing and reconfiguring the goalposts (dead workers) themselves, we instantly facilitate an experimental tripling of reproductive workers’ relative power. We invite you to join in!

When: 3pm, 11th June 2016 [vulg.] (8 AP)

Where: New Cross Stadium (reopened, for one day only), Bridgehouse Meadows, SE15, (51.482131, -0.048773)

Capacity: 26,000

Who: This event is kindly supported by Strategic Optimism Football, Achademy of Practical Triolectics and Xenotopian Navigation, D3FC, New Cross Triangle Psychogeographical Association and Fedaration, and Internationale Autonome des Situlogistes Contemporaine. This event is part of the Antiuniversity Now festival,
9-12 June 2016,

Mode d’emploi:

Triolectical Goalposts

triolectical goalposts4

triolectical goalposts3

triolectical goalposts 5

triolectical goalposts6

triolectical goalposts7



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