“Black Moon” Completes 2nd Phase of SOF’s 9 Year Plan


Three years ago the University for Strategic Optimism announced its auto-dissolution and simultaneous morphological transformation into the footballing order, Strategic Optimism Football.

This weekend–commencing 30th September–marks a significant triple conjunction:

  • Firstly, the three year anniversary of SOF’s foundation.
  • Secondly, a rare “Black Moon” in Scorpio (in transition from Harvest Moon to Blood Moon).
  • Thirdly, following the 13 month lunar calendar, the regular moon-thly meeting of Deptford’s Luther Blissett Three-Sided Football League.

As is well known, Three-Sided Football builds on Asger Jorn’s invaluable research with the Danish archaeologist P.V. Glob into ancient mnemonic festivities, organised at druidic stone circle sun temples to mark the coincidence of the lunar and solar cycles every 33 years. Jorn’s crucial contribution was, of course, realising that this coincidence also unlocked the key structuring principle of European philosophy, inherited via the Egyptian hermetic orders from the East, and the Black Celt seafarers, with their megalithic architecture, from the West. In short, he demonstrated the indissoluble link between the triple-phase of Hegel’s dialectic, Kierkegaard’s “Three Stages” and the triadic structure of Quantum Chromodynamics, as first intimated by the intuitions of Niels Bohr. All three cases showed the unity of two and three—Hegel’s three-phase dialectic; Kierkegaard’s triple-stage “either/or” existentialism; and, Bohr’s quantum logic of complementarity. Jorn called this discovery “triolectics”.

The University for Strategic Optimism was the third in a line of “Invisible Colleges” including the ancestor of today’s Royal Society and Alex Trocchi’s Project Sigma. Founded in 2010, UfSO was instrumental in triggering the scandal that sparked the wave of riots and strikes beginning at Cleopatra’s Needle, London (en route to Milbank Tower) in November 2010, spreading across Europe and beyond, eventually being pacified through dissolution into the harmless Bakuninist diversions of “Occupy” a year later.

On its three-year anniversary UfSO dissolved and reformed as Strategic Optimism Football. Now, on its own three-year anniversary, coinciding, as stated, with the Black Moon (and not coincidentally, a minor stock market crash), Strategic Optimism Football enters the third phase of their Nine Year Plan.


The previous three years have seen SOF’s “amplic” phase reach its culmination: winning the Luther Blissett Deptford League on the primary “yellow”, or “aesthetic”, matrix. Following the Kabbalistic system first codified in Botoșani, Moldova, in the 1940s, by Isidore Isou, it now, upon the dawning of the Black Moon, enters its final, “chiselling” phase. This marks the final three years before the climax of the Nine Year Plan (and the next return of the Black Moon) in 2019, heralding a new era.

To mark this occasion Strategic Optimism Football famous multi-coloured “amplic” kit (conjured by drug-fuelled, footballing sex workers during an industrial painting/sploshing session on Hallowe’en) will itself undergo a transformative morphology. Watch the skies.


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