AntiUniversity of London

Omphalos of the British Empire
Omphalos of the British Empire


Jorn and Trocchi ‘United’: An UnWorkshop in Practical Triolectics

A proposal for the revived AntiUniversity of London, November 2015 CE

On Saturday 21st November, at 3pm, affiliates of Strategic Optimism Football and the Luther Blissett Deptford League will present a workshop in practical triolectics, conducted via the medium of three-sided football, as part of the revived AntiUniversity programme.

A contemporary of the original AntiUniversity in the 1960s, the artist Asger Jorn also rejected transactional modes of knowledge transfer, favouring experimental activity. A supporter of the Situationist Bauhaus in Sweden, he believed such experiments fundamental to both psychic and social revolution. Underpinning Jorn’s approach was his unique ‘triloectical’ system. Developing upon dialectics and quantum physics, it went beyond linear transfers of energy, constructing spatio-temporal fields of possibility and negotiation. Not oppositional but superpositional – contradictions resolved by blending multiple simultaneous potentialities.

As a practical pedagogical exploration of the triolectical system, three-sided football stands in continuity with the aims of the AntiUniversity’s original protagonists, including Jorn’s fellow ex-situationist, Alex Trocchi. The game has formerly been played at locations of psychogeographical significance around the world – from a forest at the centrepoint of Europe, to Taksim Square, to inside a Soviet fuel silo, to a druidic stone circle. This time we have selected the significant, if little known undulating terrain surrounding the Omphalos of the British Empire – constructed in the 16th Century by John Dee – as part of an ongoing campaign towards the psychogeographical unbinding of Eurocentric geometrical thought.

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Reclaim the Temple of the Sun!

Flyer for the Solstice three-sided football celebration

Sunset game of three-sided football at Hilly Fields Stone Circle in Brockley:

– Celebrate the Summer Solstice!

– Mark the tridecadal anniversary of the repression of the Stone Henge Free festival!

– Experimentally test new theories suggesting three-sided football may have originally been based on ancient druidic fertility rites!

All Welcome!

KICK OFF 21:21 hr – Sunday 21st June 2015 CE.

Hilly Fields Stone Circle, Brockley, SE London, (51.459385, -0.024182).

More info:

Some friends of Strategic Optimism Football Club have been digging into Asger Jorn’s well-known interest in prehistoric monuments and rock art. Recently they uncovered evidence suggesting he may have derived his idea for three-sided football from material he uncovered in these studies into ancient druidic fertility rites. They argue that Jorn developed a belief that many stone circles had been used as ritual ball courts for the celebration of solar rites and that he in fact constructed three-sided football from his knowledge of these ceremonies.

In the spirit of ‘experimental archeology’ – the testing archaeological hypotheses by replicating the feasibility of ancient cultures performing various tasks – some players with Strategic Optimism proposed putting these theories to the test. As 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the repression of the long-standing Stonehenge Free Festival by police at the ‘Battle of the Beanfield’ in 1985, we thought it the perfect occasion to commemorate this event too (hence why a copy of the original flyer from Stonehenge 1985 was printed on the back of the one advertising this Brockley event).

The game will be preceded by a (very) short introduction to the suggested druidic origins of three-sided football, which will start just after 9pm. Kick off will be on the stroke of sunset, that is 9.21pm sharp. Teams will be informally decided on the basis of who turns up. The game will finish when we get bored, or it gets too dark, at which point we’ll probably go to the pub.